dental implants - teeth in a day

IMPLANTS – Teeth in one day

Before you lose a tooth, consider implants.

One of the biggest advances in implant technology is the possibility of implementing a provisional crown the same day as the surgery. This enables the patient to feel more comfortable and secure until we can put the final crown in.

What is a dental implant, and when do you need one?

The implant was invented as early as in 1952, and it is the primary method for replacing a ruined or missing tooth. This is the closest you get to having a natural tooth, it is stable and stand-alone and will not cause any discomfort or disruption with the other teeth around it.

If you are need of replacing one, several or even all teeth, implants will be the preferred solution. We always consider closely each patient’s individual needs and work to preserve, and even improve, on the aesthetics.

At Solident we use exclusively metal free materials that are completely without any toxics.