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Dental Travel - Solident Dental Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Solident Dental Clinic in Alicante, Spain

Since 2000 the Usin doctors have welcomed satisfied patients from Scandinavia and other European countries. In Solident, you will receive a high quality and personalized attention with low Spanish prices. We have professionals with the experience needed for every case to guarantee your treatment will be a success. Our clinic works with the latest technology and a highly skilled team to create spectacular results in a short period of time. We guarantee you will feel comfortable  with us from the beginning.

Dental Care Abroad

For many, considering dental care abroad is a big step. For this reason, we at Solident see it as especially important to make our foreign guests feel as comfortable and welcome and possible, including giving a hand with practical arrangements around their stay, when needed. It is a fact that dental procedures come at a much lower cost in Spain than in many other European countries, which is why we make the argument to visit us, enjoy the beautiful Costa Blanca sunshine, and be treated by dentists with more than 20 years experience!